Oxford Real Farming Conference 2022

In-person and online. 5 – 7 January 2022

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The Oxford Real Farming Conference has developed over the last twelve years to become the unofficial gathering of the real food and farming movement in the UK. Working with partners, the conference brings together farmers, growers, activists, policy-makers, researchers and all those who support agroecology, including organic and regenerative agriculture and indigenous systems.

We will soon be posting the events run by the Innovative Farmers and Soil Association team. Watch this space!


In the meantime, you can watch some of last year's events:

Organic No-till with Living Mulches The Holy Grail for Organic Arable

Getting the Most Out of Livestock Enterprises: Delivering Public Goods and Ensuring Viability

Getting Used to Drought and Deluge: What New Pastures Can We Plant to Adapt?

Fighting Weeds and Pests with Plants: Learn about the Findings from Farmers and Researchers in the UK

Let’s Kick the Copper Habit: Promoting Blight Resistant Potatoes Within Retail

Worm Control Without Anthelmintics

Decision Trees: Building Woody Perennials into Your Farming System

Nitrogen: The Global Farming Challenge

What’s Your Beef? A Workshop Exploring the Concerns and Hopes of the Farming Community in the UK

Feeding Pigs and Poultry on Regionally Produced and Organic Feed

Localised Routes to Market: Understanding the Community Benefits of Local Organic Food

Exploring the Tools that Will Deliver Lasting Change: Labels, Verification, Organic Certification: Is There a Best Option?

The Organic Market: Building Resilience


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