Are you feeding whole milk to your dairy calves?

And are you interested in taking part in a trial on iron deficiency?

Some studies have shown that many whole milk fed calves show clinical or subclinical iron deficient anaemia, with potential effects on health and growth rates. We are planning to monitor the iron status in calves via blood samples and the effect of iron supplementation on growth and health. This trial is coordinated by the RVC in collaboration with Innovative Farmers. The trial is additionally supported by Virbac.

If you are interested and considering to take part we would like to invite you to an introductory meeting, explaining the background, the science, the outline of the trial and the practicalities.

Field lab kick-off meeting: Thursday, 25th January, 11 am to 2 pm

 at Coppleridge Inn, Elm Hill, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 9HW

  • A buffet lunch will be provided. 
  • To arrange catering, please RSVP (ideally before January 18th) to Jenny Allan,, 07745 236126 or Peter Plate, 07743 043731.

They are also happy to be contacted to answer any questions before the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you there

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