The most important people in RISS are the farmers, foresters and crofters of Scotland, always looking for better ways of doing things.

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Picture: RISS Senior Management Team L-R Alan Stevenson, Supply Chain Development Director at SAOS; George Noble, Project Manager at SAOS; Iain Riddell, Business Manager (Products and Commercial Development) at SAC Consulting; Analy Hannah, Project Officer at Soil Association Scotland; Andrew Niven, Marketing Insights Manager at Scotland Food and Drink; David Michie, Head of Farming and Land Use at Soil Association Scotland; Alistair Trail, Food and Drink Consultant at SAC Consulting; Alistair Prior, Head of the Scottish Rural Network; David Lamb, Networking Manager at the European Network for Rural Development.

Part of Scottish Rural Network, RISS is led by Soil Association Scotland in partnership with the Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society (SAOS), SAC Consulting (part of Scotland's Rural College), Scotland Food and Drink and Innovative Farmers.

RISS group facilitators come from SAC Consulting, SAOS and Soil Association Scotland.


Through our partners RISS is plugged into a series of networks across Scotland and beyond, which means facilitators can find group members from any useful sector.



Our funding comes from the European and Scottish Rural Development Programmes.


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