Welcome to RISS, the Rural Innovation Support Service for Scotland

If you are a farmer, forester or crofter in Scotland today you are most likely facing a number of challenges.

It could be that some of them could be solved by the right people putting their heads together.

The Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) helps you form a group to explore ideas and solutions. You will leave with a robust project plan that you can use to get funding or just to get going.

Partners, Innovative Farmers are providing the platform for connecting groups. So you'll find RISS projects alongside field labs and other farmer-led projects from across the UK, and the whole farming sector.

Depending on what you want to do, we will provide you with one of 40 facilitators from across our partner organisations. They will bring in additional group members from any sector: tech, supply chain, business, research - it depends what (or rather, who) you need.

The facilitator will help you define, develop and test solutions. They will then help you draw up a final plan that will ensure your project has a future.


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